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Google AdWords Certification has been used very often in the online marketing world since it is a very effective technique to get traffic into your website and make people see the product or service you offer. AdWords offers many services, for instance, Pay-Per-Click – a tool used to redirect an internet user from one page to another – and Cost-Per-Acquisition. Since they are such effective tools to make a website get the attention it needs to get, learning how to use them is a basic duty an online marketing specialist should know.

Digitrainer counts with experienced online marketing specialists who gives training developed an advanced AdWords course for you to take advantage of these internet tools. The advanced AdWords Digitrainer course is made of several stages, each one focused on certain topics. Some of the things you will learn with this course are how to plan and run an online campaign, how keywords work and how to use them so your website can be easily found, the psychology behind how people browse the internet, how to collect data from search engines and use it in your favor, and many other topics. Knowing how to handle Google AdWords means to give your small business or your company a big step ahead of the competition.


Course Modules

  Getting to Know AdWords

  Know About Landing Page

   Leveraging Video Advertising

 Researching Keywords for AdWords Campaigns

   Creation of Your First Search Campaign


   SEO Site Audit

 Creating Your First Ad Group

  Looking at Quality Score

  Tracking Ad Performance

   Performance Optimization

 Using Display Ads in Remarketing Campaigns

   Exploring the AdWords account structure & Managing campaigns and ad groups

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