How many ads do you see on Facebook each day? On how many of those ads are you interested? Have you thought people know your interests because those ads are just about the things you like or you would like? If the answer of this last question is a ‘yes’, then perhaps you are wondering what is behind those ads, how do people know your interests, why those ads catch your attention so easily.

facebook marketing

Well, all these things happen because there are many processes involved in the publishing of Facebook ads, and you can learn about them all with the Facebook Marketing course offered by Digitrainer. This course has been organized and developed by experts on the area, and it covers a wide variety of topics, including the marketing world, how to create an eye-catching page for the service or product you want to offer the public, how to take advantage of each feature – including the smallest ones – Facebook has, algorithms used on this area, how to advertise properly on Facebook, and many other useful topics for you to become a specialist on Facebook marketing. With the certificate given after finishing successfully the course, finding a well-paid and enjoyable job will be very easy for you.

Course Modules

  Introduction to Facebook Marketing

 Facebook Pages and Post Best Practices

   Facebook Ads – Campaign Objectives

 SEO Friendly Design & Architecture

   Technical Website Optimization

 Facebook Ads – Targeting audiences

   Facebook Ads – Impactful Creatives

 Facebook Ads – Optimization and Reporting

   Facebook Ad Policies

  Building Brand Awareness

   Driving Online Sales

 Generating Leads

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