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Digital Marketing Course Designed To Meet Your Career Goals

Digi Trainer Powered By GBIM™ brings to you India’s most Comprehensive Digital Marketing Mastering Program.

The Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course is Designed For Helping Working Professionals, Students, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs develop comprehensive, analytical and practical skills in Digital Marketing.

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15th Sep, 2021
40 Hrs
About Digi Trainer

We Help You To Grow Your Digital Marketing Skills

What Makes Our Course An Industry Favourite Is Its Industrial Value, Apart from its technical and theoretical value that focuses on teaching individuals the core values of digital marketing and helping them understand its vast job opportunities and career value.

Unlike other courses in the market, Digi Traniers’s Certified Professional Digital Marketing Course offers a hands-on Industrial experience to its learners. They can implement the skills they learn into real-life projects via our Live Projects, which are mandatory at the end of each module.

Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media
Content Marketing
Digital Branding
Digital Analytics
Video Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media
Content Marketing
Digital Branding
Digital Analytics
Video Marketing

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    Brands our team has consulted & worked with

    Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course

    Modules Covered

    The Course consists of 40 hours of intensive learning divided across six modules and the live projects at the end of each module, and an exclusive One-hour special lecture with industry professionals. This course aims to offer learners in-depth yet comprehensive and practical digital marketing learning. It provides them with an industrial learning experience and helps them build the essential skills needed in Digital Marketing that helps the learners have a deeper understanding of the field.
    • An Introduction To Various Digital Marketing Elements & The Latest Trends And Developments In Digital Marketing
    • Introduction To Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, SMM, SEO And Web UX
    • Introduction To Digital Branding Basics: Creating An Initial Digital Road Map For Brands Online
    • Introduction To Integrated Digital Marketing Approach Vis Case Study Analysis
    • The Analysis Of SEO: What Is Search Engine Optimisation & Its Importance Today
    • Deep Analysis Of SEO Workings: How Do Search Engines Work & The Various Factors Impacting The Rankings Of Search Engines
    • Analysing & Working With Top Tools For SEO: Keyword Research & Competitive Intelligence
    • On-Page SEO Theories & Workings
    • Off-Page SEO Theories & Workings
    • Google Algorithm: Understanding Google Algorithm Updates
    • Local SEO
    • Video SEO
    • Working With Google Webmasters Tools
    • Fundamental Analysis & Set Up Of WordPress Blogs
    • Working With Live Tools Like:SEranking.com/ SEMrush/ Aherfs.com
    • 1 Hour Exclusive Lecture With Sr. SEO Managers
    • Live Projects
    • Analysing & Understanding Various Social Media Platforms
    • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube
    • Deep Analysis Of The Workings & Key Practices Of Social Media Platforms
    • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube
    • Live Branding Session: Case Study Discussions Of Key Brands
    • Modern Marketing
    • Understanding & Working With the 3 V’s Of Modern Marketing
      • Video, Voice & Vernacular
    • Content Creation and Development
    • Working With Various Tools For Content Creation & Various Hacks
    • Deep Dive Into Campaign Planning & Ideation
    • The Psychology Of Social Content & Creation
    • Curating The Perfect Social Media Strategy
    • 1 Hour Exclusive Lecture With Sr. Social Media Manages
    • Live Projects
    • Digital Advertising: An Introduction & Overview
    • Facebook Advertising:
    • Analysis Of Facebook Advertising
    • Working With Facebook Ads & The Best Practices To Follow
    • Live Project Allocation (Ads)
    • Unleashing The Potential Of LinkedIn Advertising
    • Deep Dive Into Google Advertising Platform:
    • Google Search Advertising
    • Google Display Advertising
    • Working With YouTube Advertising For Brand Building
    • The Fundamentals Of Remarketing & Retargeting
    • Media Planning & Full-Funnel Advertising Analysis
    • Learning To Choose Different Kinds Of Advertising Channels For Different Uses
    • Automation Advertising: Intruding Automation In Digital Advertising
    • 1 Hour Exclusive Lecture With Sr. SEM Managers
    • Live Projects
    • The Basics Of Digital Analytics
    • Understanding The Google Tag Manager
    • Understanding Google Analytics Part 1:
      • Analytics Set Up
      • Live Tracking
      • Goals SetUp
    • Understanding Google Analytics Part 2:
      • Events Tracking
      • Goal Tracking
      • E-Commerce Set Up
    • Introduction & Analysis To Email Marketing
    • Introduction & Understanding How Influencer Marketing Works
    • Understanding The Workings Of Online Reputation Management
    • Deep Dive Into Mobile App Marketing & Ecommerce
    • Live Session: An Exclusive 30 Minute Live Session With The CEO Of GBIM Technologies Who Has An Industrial Experience Of 15+ Years.
    • Career Guidance & Mentoring
    • Placement Assistance
    • Internship Assistance

    What Our Students Say

    The Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course Will Be Cover Various Fields Of Digital Marketing Such As
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Digital Analytics
    • Google Ads Analytics
    • Email Marketing
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Mobile Marketing
    • And Much More.

    After completing the course, our learners will be equipped with the skills and mindset needed for managing brands or products across various digital platforms in digital marketing.

    Our Learners will successfully implement, execute and monitor industry trending digital strategies required for developing a powerful and successful online brand.

    The Live Projects that our learners will work on will help them receive the much-needed industry exposure, skills and work ethics that will help them build a solid and lucrative digital marketing career. The course introduces individuals to the core elements of digital marketing needed to work with today’s businesses and enterprises successfully.

    Our learners will have the opportunity to work with businesses and brands belonging to different industries.

    Entrepreneurs and business owners taking the course will be able to successfully develop impactful digital marketing strategies that will help them establish a successful business/brand overall digital platforms.

    What’s better? The Course is conducted by experienced professionals belonging to the digital marketing industry.

    Our trainers guide you, mentor you and assist you in every step of your learning journey, ensuring you thoroughly understand and implement the knowledge taught in the Course.

    The live projects at the end of each module accompanied by lectures from industry professionals give our learners a correct exposure to the digital marketing industry and prepares them for a successful digital marketing career.

    Our Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course helps Individuals to have thriving and lucrative career opportunities like:
    • SEO Professionals
    • Digital Marketing Executives
    • Google Ads Managers & Executives
    • Social Media Experts/ Social Media Forecaster
    • Social Media Analysts
    • Digital Advertising Experts/Professionals
    • Digital Consultants
    • And More

    Digital Marketing is the future providing a plethora of job opportunities and careers that are high paying and progressive.

    Investing in our certified digital marketing professional course helps you get ready for the future and polishes your digital marketing skill as per the current industry standards.

    executive coaches

    Learn from expert instructors around the world

    Sr. SEO Manager​
    Sr. Google Ads Manager​
    Sr. SEO Manager​
    Hasan Faizan
    DM Coach and Consultant
    Up Comming Course

    Set your organization on a path to digital transformation

    The Modern React Bootcamp (Hooks, Context, NextJS, Router)
    Cupidatat Street, AWS 4 Flr
    21 September, 2021
    08.00 PM - 09.00 PM
    Javascript Intermediate level 1 - Mastering the DOM
    Cupidatat Street, AWS 4 Flr
    21 September, 2021
    08.00 PM - 09.00 PM
    OpenStack: Public & Hybrid IaaS Cloud with OpenStack
    Cupidatat Street, AWS 4 Flr
    21 September, 2021
    08.00 PM - 09.00 PM

    What Certificates You Will Get After Completion Of Course

    • Google Analytics Certification
    • Google Ads Search Certification
    • Google Ads Display Certification
    • Google Ads – Measurement Certification
    • Google Ads Video Certification
    • Digi Trainer Certification
    • Certificate of Internship by GBIM
    frequently asked questions


    Digital Marketing is the future, and obtaining a certified Digital Marketing Professional Course from Digitrainer will help you secure your future. What makes our Course unique is the Teaching And Training Method and the contents of the Course.

    Our course trainers have in-depth, hands-on experience with digital marketing. They are experienced professionals having fulfilling careers who know the ins and outs of the digital marketing industry.

    Apart from offering technical knowledge and training, the Digital Marketing Professional course offers hands-on industry experience through live projects and a one-hour exclusive live lecture with Industry professionals.

    Students, Graduates, Working Professionals, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales & Marketing Professionals All Our Eligible To Join The Course.

    Having Strong IT Skills will be a bonus and not a prerequisite for the Course. Individuals from different fields and industries can enrol for this Course, and strong IT skills are not mandatory.

    Our course classes are incredibly flexible, and we are adaptable to your requirements. Working professionals can opt for flexible timings as per the course schedule.

    We offer flexible course timings where Freelancers, Professionals and even students can learn conveniently for them.

    The Digital Marketing industry is flourishing, and as a student undertaking our professional digital marketing course will open up thriving career avenues for you. The course is structured per the current industry standards and offers you hands-on training that gets you industry-ready. With our live projects and live lectures, you will get through with the various trends and aspects of digital marketing. You can easily apply for multiple jobs like SEO professionals, Digital Marketing Professionals, SMM Professionals and more.

    Digittrainer’s Certified Professional Digital Marketing course is a certified professional course. So, yes, every student of ours will be provided with a certificate after successful course completion.

    You will earn a certificate at the successful completion of this course. This course will prove to be a booster for their career, helping fast-track their career progress for working professionals.

    For students, this Course will open up new job opportunities in the fields of SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising and More.

    We will provide you with all the course training material and be offering successful placements after course completion. Along with this, our lecturers and course trainers will guide you and assist you towards having a successful career in digital marketing after course completion.

    Digitrainer is powered by GBIM Technologies, one of the best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. Our course trainers will always be at your support for entrepreneurs and business owners wanting technical advice and expert opinions on the industry.

    Yes, we offer placement opportunities. At the end of the course, you will be guided and mentored to build a solid digital profile for yourselves that will further help you in your placements.

    Contact us now to know more about the Fee Structure for the Course.
    Yes, We offer Demo Sessions before joining the program, where we offer an overview of the course curriculum and the advantages of undertaking the Course.
    Individuals must complete all the course modules for completing the Course and receiving the certificate.
    What makes our Course different from the other available digital marketing courses in the market is the Hans on training we offer via our live projects. Every module ends with a live project that helps students get acquainted with the actual working dynamics and make them ready to face problems and find quick solutions to them confidently.

    Platforms/Tools you will learn

    our Seminars


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      The Certified Digital Marketing Professional Course is Designed For Helping Working Professionals, Students, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs develop comprehensive, analytical and practical skills in Digital Marketing.

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